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LMGSDC consists of a small dedicated group of enthusiasts located just outside Vancouver, Canada.

Our parent organization is the German Shepherd Schutzhund Club Of Canada.

GSSCC has 11 judges that officiate at trials across Canada and 5 of those judges are current or alumni members of LMGSDC!

Originally developed as a temperament test for the German Shepherd Dog and called Schutzhund,
later renamed to IPO,  our sport is now called IGP.
IGP tests a dog's ability to track, to perform obedience, and to work under pressure.

This is not a sport for nervous, uncontrollable or aggressive dogs. It is a demanding sport which requires first and foremost a great relationship between the handler and dog, consistent fairness from the handler and frequent training.​

Our members train on a regulation sized, fully fenced training field
with a separate smaller fenced area for working young dogs.



Many of our members compete nationally and on the world stage



LMGSDC gets together to practice
6 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays
and 11am Sundays.

Several times each year we host
training and competition events.

Novice to experienced dog handlers
are welcome.

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